Montag, 4. Juli 2011

Freitag, 1. Juli 2011

._. eherm

KiSeob ._. First two pages ; ;
Based on duh fanfic of waifeu

Bleh. Prologue o_e

Captured in a cage built out of stone. Brick by brick, frame to frame. Never been able to leave this place, never been able to look further than the walls that are encircling the gigantic building. Home is not a home if you feel lost and trapped inside, not being able to move and do a thing without being watched. Home is not a home if you want to run away a thousand miles just to get away from every one you know and from every day that’s just playing like a broken record all over again.  And home is not a home if you don’t see any purpose in staying anymore.

No one could make you want to stay. But they would chase you if you ever would try to get away from the trap that is called home. Like a bird in a cage, desperately longing for freedom, dreaming of the world outside but not knowing anything of it.

Lost in the middle of luxury with helpless pleading and silent cries. Being treasured like gold, locked up in a cave. Surrounded of darkness and loneliness.